Disappear like a day (into the night), 2nd Exercise

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” Orson Welles

Barbara has a friend Petra that owned a selling furniture studio called Fifth Corner (Celovška 172, Ljubljana). 

In order to support the effects of this exercise, it is adviseable to do it in environment like selling furniture studio. In my opinion the furniture that is being sold, has a certain loneliness not being used what it is for. It is usually crammed with anouther pieces of furniture that have nothing or little to do with it. In regular environment of the appartment, the elements of furniture stand much more apart. Closeness of furniture elements augment the sensation of loneliness.

Loneliness that can creep in the body just before the sleep.

Another supporting factor can be the time of th day. We started the exercise at 23.11, so we would close the day at 00.00.

I entitled this exercise disappearing of the day and not closing of the day. I want to stress the two similarities that have the ending day with dance. Especially in 39 it is stressed that movement is about disappearing (etymologically movement and disappearing is connected in Slovenian). The same question is being posed: when does the day end? When does the movement end? As with the day, so is with the movement. Disappearing stresses the fact that the day or the movement seem to end, but what it actually means is that it dims away from our perception. There comes a moment in the movement where we can no longer connect the two instances of the “same” movement and then we say this is where first movement ends and starts a second one.

The effect of disapearing is used strongly also by Chopin, so this is another supporting element of exercises.

The notion of dimensionality of being and life that we can fidn traces of also in mathematics, is also of help at making exercise, if we think of non-whole-number dimension. Thus, in a way again, an event taking place in n-dimensions that transits to n+1-dimension smoothly, then seems to slowly disappear from n-dimension. I feel like I need to be more precise. It is not necessarily that the event disappears into n+1-dimsnionality, it gains on its liberty to alter. And the chances for n-dimension perception to detect n+1-dimension part of the event are slimmer and reserved only to special positions of the event in n+1-dimension.

So is the movement and the day.

All together now. I suggest to start exercise with simple, soft, relaxed observation of disappearing of breath into next breath. Of what you see now to the next moment of what you see and what has disappear from your sight. This will make you aware more of periferal view.

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